Saturday, September 16, 2006

Juno: Capture Point 4 (main entrances)

From cap 3 yard, the left route takes you straight towards the tunnels that lead into the cap 4 yard. The right route takes you to the house where the dettable wall is, where attackers can make a big jump with flag directly to the cap point:

This next picture is the main tunnel leading to the cap 4 yard. This is the defender view from the left exit. At the far end on the right is the entrance from where the attackers come from, and barely visible at the far end on the left is the main exit into the cap 4 yard:

This spot is just back a bit from the previous picture, looking back on the cap 4 yard from the alternate left entrance:

This next shot is across the cap 4 yard at the main tunnel exit where the attackers come from. The capture point is up the stairs around the far side of the building:

From this view at the top of the stairs you can see the Juno headquarters where the defenders respawn in. There is a pair of doors at the front on the ground level, and as well there is a side door where they can exit on top of the castle wall on the right: