Saturday, September 16, 2006

Juno: Capture Point 1 (the beach)

If the map looks familiar to you, it is a remake of my first attack/defend style map called Navarone. Nav was a pretty bad map, but it was my first AD map and I always wanted to redo it because I liked some features and I have learned a lot since then. Juno uses the same beach area but the rest of the map is entirely new. Attackers start out by jumping out of a C-47 plane and attacking the beach area, then move further onto the island castle to the 4th capture point at the Juno headquarters, at which point the teams switch (Avanti-style). Although there are some places where caps have been held long in playtesting, a decent offense should be able to make relatively short work of most of the capture points, making this map relatively offense-oriented. The long holds I observed during the many playtests were due mostly to uncoordinated offensive strategies. There is 1 grenade bag that becomes unavailable at the midway point when cap 2 is capped.

The offense spawns in the C-47:

Defense spawns outside the main entrance to the castle. This is where a grenade bag is located that comes in handy for caps 1 and 2:

The next pic is from the point of view of where the attackers land in the water. With some skill, attackers can direct their fall into the boat or further towards the beach as they desire. The blue flag on the beach in front of the boat needs to be taken up the beach behind that concrete bunker above it:

Another view of the bunker and flag:

Capture point 1 is behind the bunker. A good defense should be able to hold this area for a few minutes: